What is the meaning of a name? Fanm ayisiene pye leje

If you do a little research on the net or in some books, you will find a lot of girls names to give to your Haitian daughter. A beautiful name is one of the most important things for a mother and father.

Everyone around the world like a more beloved name for his or her child. Either the child is named after his/her parents or an existing one is chosen.

Name origin

My question for today is. What is a name to you? Is a name able to determine the future of a child?

A name that was stunning yesterday, may not be the same today. Does your surrounding play a role in naming your child?

Names are associated different in many part of the world. In Haiti for example, the girl name Magalie is associated with gossiping.

If you name your daughter Magalie, you know what is coming. Nadine on the hand, is associated with being stormy. I am sure you know what stormy means in that sense.


There is always a list of names making its rounds around the net categorizing them.

As usual, there is another one going around. This time, it is disturbing for some in Pranplezi. I think I know why though.

Our good friend overload provided the list of women names that are “pye leje”.

I do not know if he is the one that came with the list or not This list contains many common names. I do not know if it’s in that particular order.

Name list

[quads id=2]

We have Sandra, Tasha, Katie, Kisha, Fedeline, Judith, Jennifer, Natalie, Majorie, Lovely, Bibi, Jessica, Maggie, Minouche, Cassandra, Victoria, Cassandre, Sandy, Rose, Angela, Manouchka, Jenny, Sherly, Melissa, Esther, Guerlin, Nini, Carole, Gabrielle, Betty, Daphne, Katia, Nancy, Marie, Soraya, Ashley, Bertha, Alexandra, Josephine, Mimi, Caroline, Synthia, Marise, Abigelle


These are the hottest lists according to our Overload friends and I do not mean hottest in a racy looking sense.

Does this list have any significance to you? If you have a baby girl today, would you give her one of these names?

In parallel, many parents choose historic or biblical names for their children. These names are not chosen by accidents.

We all know why a parent would name his/her baby girl Mary or Elizabeth. Is there no truth in Overload’s list?

How does one determine the best baby names for their child?

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