Haitian Pranplezi

We Haitians share a lot of things and culture between us, same as with how we have fun. Pran plezi offers a free sign-up site where all Haitians and friends can join freely.

This is a site where Haitians are gathered to have fun and other purposes. This site was created so that all of us Haitians can associate and interact online to enhance relationships between Haitians.

Here we can share all the fun stuff and things that we are proud that we achieved. As we share our own cultures between us, we also have features in our site such as playing music, posting reviews about places as to where we and tourists can have fun such as going to “The Citadelle” for sightseeing or picnic, trying some zip lines like in the dragon breath, swimming and having fun at beaches like the “Labadee”, and etc.

We’ve also put external links for Haiti TV channels as to where you can watch Haiti series and movies. Mostly, we have put up a ‘home’ wall where we can post our pictures, videos, and text for sharing our problems or achievements or asking for assistance that you need and other Haitians can also state their comments and giving advice.

We do have a live Haitian chat where Haitians and friends can all send messages to others quickly through online chat. We are also open for recommendations and suggestions from our other fellow Haitians that have other ideas on how our website can meet some demands or developments that can make our fellow Haitians have more fun in joining us.

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