17 Best Apps to Watch Movies with Online Friends

Do you love watching movies? Do you wish you could watch them with your friends online? If so, then you’ll want to check out this blog post for the 17 best apps to watch movies with online friends. 

These apps will let you watch movies with your friends in real-time, chat with them while you’re watching, and even collaborate on picking out the next movie to watch. So what are you waiting for? Start checking out these apps today!

We all know that time on the couch is not for working, but it’s always great to cuddle up with friends and family. You might as well make yourself at home while you enjoy some good TV or watch one of your favorite movies!

More and more of our lives are online, with social media platforms like Netflix that allow us to enjoy content from different countries at once. Luckily there’s a service for streaming your favorite shows no matter where you are!

There’s never been an easier way to connect internationally- so long-distance relationships get tougher moving away means missing out on friends’ videos every day – use these methods instead


If you like streaming on YouTube, Gaze is the tool for you. Gaze is a really straightforward process. A user creates a room and distributes the link to another person. That’s all there is to it. Both people may now immediately begin streaming content in unison.

The disadvantage of utilizing gaze is that it can only be utilized with two persons at once. While this may be ideal for a long-distance date night, if you want to invite more than one person, you’ll need to look at some of the other services on this list.

If you and your friend have the same movies, gaze allows you to view it at the same time. It isn’t only for YouTube. Just keep in mind that both people must have the file you want to watch on their computers in order for this to work. There are a number of websites that allow customers to send big files for free, which


Kast is a great way to share media with friends and family. It allows you to upload your own files and share them with others on the internet for viewing. Users can also record their screen and send it over as well.

Together, two people can watch movies together in real-time, which means you’re both watching the same movie at the same time.

In order to play movies, both users have to have installed a media player that supports Silverlight or Flash. Two people can watch the same files from a variety of services. If one person has a YouTube video and another has an iTunes movie, they should be able to see it together as long as everyone


This is a great catch-all app. It works best on Android or iOS, but it can be installed on Windows Phone as well. MyCircleTV lets users watch YouTube videos together either live or through recording.

Users can type in the same YouTube video and both people will view it simultaneously. They also have the option of typing in a channel name. If it’s not porn, both people will be able to see whatever is posted there.

MyCircleTV also allows users to watch TV shows, movies, and it even has a function for watching Twitch channels together. There are no hiccups or issues experienced when attempting to stream different types of content.

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a functional and accessible app for a well-known streaming service. Netflix has a mode that allows multiple people to watch at once, so this could be considered an official addition to the list.

Users can choose on their own or on Netflix’s suggestion on what would be fun to stream together. Whether you want to watch your favorite show or watch YouTube, Netflix has it covered.

Best Apps to Watch Movies with Online Friends

Users can also make groups with friends and family to keep track of what everyone is watching. It’s a great way for sharing new content without breaking the bank on multiple streaming services.

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The primary use of Parsec isn’t to watch movies. Parsec offers a way to let you play games with your friends over the internet. Whether they are on an Xbox, PS4, or even their home computer, Parsec lets you connect anywhere in the world.

You can use it for PC gaming as well as console gaming which is one of the added benefits of this service- being able to play with your friends even when they are across the country.

It works best for fast-paced games like Overwatch, CS: Go or other similar games that require quick reaction times. If you can’t find your connection getting bogged down, it is a great option.

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Plex VR

Plex VR requires both users to have Plex installed. There are early reports that it may be buggy, but this is one of the few ways that you can watch movies together with your friends online.

It’s worth noting that if you choose to do this, everyone has to go through whatever content you pick- whether it is a movie or a TV show. No one gets to pick their own thing. You can select if you want everyone to watch together or if you want to give each person the option of watching

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The Plug.DJ YouTube browser plugin is ideal for individuals who want to watch YouTube videos and listen to music with their friends rather than web series or films. Users may establish private chat rooms, as well as a line-up list of music videos to be played.

Plug.DJ is a music-sharing website that allows you to share whatever songs or playlists you desire with others online. Users can watch as songs are playing and log into chat rooms as well. It’s similar to the function of Beats Music, but it also has a social element built-in as well.

Every time someone starts a hangout, the chat room saves any YouTube videos that are linked. It’s an easy way to build an impromptu party with friends who can’t be there in person or share new songs that you might not know about.

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Rabbit is designed to be a sleeker version of Skype, one that allows you to watch TV shows and movies with friends online. Users can watch content together at the same time by accessing the website.

Organizing hangouts on Rabbit isn’t complicated, but it can get buggy when users attempt to watch different types of video content. It is best used for sharing TV shows or movies rather than live television.

Rabbit doesn’t have any of the gaming benefits of other apps on the list, but it does make it easy to watch content online with your friends without having to go through a separate service like Netflix.

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Scener lets you join a video conference with your pals while watching Netflix Together. The software also includes a live chat option that can accommodate up to 10 persons at once.

Scener is a browser plugin that will let you join Netflix with your friends online. You can use Scener to watch what everyone else is watching, chat, and share movie information all within the same window. One of the downsides is it requires both users to have “Scener” installed.

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Tunity lets you can selectively turn a TV on or off to make it seem like the people in the room are actually watching what’s going on. It requires all users to have Tunity installed, but it works surprisingly well given how simple it is.

People square measure utilizing this usually to watch talk shows or sports together. It’s an incredible way to be able to see what everyone thinks about a particular topic without actually being there with them.

Tunity is one of the simpler options on this list, but it requires users to have it installed first. It works for watching anything on TV together online if you’ve got friends

Sync Video

Sync Video is a unique, low-maintenance way to watch videos with your friends. All you need for this app is a code that allows you to watch different content simultaneously.

There’s nothing on Sync Video or Sync Video Pro besides the ability to see what everyone else is watching together at the same time. It doesn’t have a chat room, so you’d need to chat through another service if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s also somewhat buggy, so it might be best to not use this one until the bugs are worked out.

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Syncplay allows you and your friends to sync up different videos and watch them together. It’s a simple service that can even accommodate live television streams, providing all users have access to the same channel.

The only requirement for Syncplay is that everyone watching needs to be able to stream the same video at the same time. Many people use Syncplay to watch live television broadcasts or other video streams together. It isn’t perfect, but it works well enough for friends who need a quick way to watch shows online.

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TeleParty lets you watch videos with friends over the internet. Videos can be streamed through YouTube or Vimeo, and users can also send chat messages to each other while watching different things at the same time.

TeleParty lets friends watch content together by sharing a code that allows you to see what everyone else is watching. It isn’t limited to any particular type of video content, which makes it easier to use than some alternatives.

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Twoseven doesn’t work with speakers, so you’ll need a separate service like Skype if you want to chat while watching together. Anything played on Twoseven is visible to everyone else, and the app will even let users adjust volume individually.

Twoseven lets friends watch content online together by sharing a viewing code that allows them to see what everyone else is watching.

It’s a simple and quick way to see how people react to different kinds of videos. It even includes the ability for users to adjust volume regardless of where they’re located.

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Watch2gether is a unique way to watch videos with friends. It allows users to sync up movies at the same time bypassing their video, audio, and chat information along to everyone else.

Watch2gether requires all users have it installed before being able to use it for shared content. Like many of these apps, it can’t be used to chat. Chatting on Watch2gether is done through the separate service of Discord.

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YouTube Sync

YouTube Sync is a YouTube-based service that lets users watch YouTube videos together online. It’s simple to use, but many of the features aren’t available yet.

YouTube Sync doesn’t let users chat with one another while watching content. Chatting with YouTube Sync is done through another service, which means you’ll need another app if you want to chat with your friends while talking about what you’re watching.

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Zoom is a quick and easy service that lets users watch videos together. It’s available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks. Zoom includes full-screen sharing capabilities to make it easier for everyone to see what’s important in any video that’s playing.

Along with chat tools, there are also toolbars that include shortcuts for all of Zoom’s features. You can even change the way your webcam and microphone function, which makes it easier to connect with other people than most live video chatting services.

There you have it. The 17 best apps to watch movies with online friends. All the apps we’ve mentioned are free, so you’ll be able to watch movies with your friends online for as long as you want without paying a dime. Which of these 17 best movie apps will be on top of your list? Of course, you can always visit Pranplezi Chat with your online friends.

The 17 Best Apps to watch movies with online friends are not the only ones available on the internet. With the release of Windows 11, I am sure you will find a lot more applications such as the ones listed above to enjoy with friends remotely.

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