The people of Canada cancelled Martelly’s Event

The dubious show by disgrace ex Haitian President Michel Martelly, who goes by the name Sweet Micky, was dropped Friday night in Montreal.

The Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, told Gravel yesterday morning that she had requested that Ottawa deny the disgrace ex Haitian president’s entrance into Canada.

In a video communicate Friday night, Michel Martelly said that it is two of his artists who did not have the consents to make a trip to Montreal. He said he was chipping away at another show date.

Since the announcement of the event, many organizations decried the substance of the melodies of the ex president. They think of them as misanthropic and fierce. “Whatever the reason, visa or not, for us, the show isn’t done,” said Frantz André, representative of the Action Committee of individuals without status.

Martelly was barred from enterting simple as that.

“The weight has been put on Ottawa to listen cautiously to this case,” included the Mayor.

On Monday, seven associations, including the House of Haiti  and Assistance Centers (RQ CALACS), wrote a letter to the mayor of Montreal requesting her to use her power to cancel the event. In their letter, Michel Martelly is portrayed as a “misanthrope infamous who advocates assault.”

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