President Martelly in Montreal this Friday

Michele Martelly aka Sweet miki in Montreal this week end.

The ex president of Haiti and former self-proclaimed kompa prezidan will perform this coming Friday in Canada. The movement that started to block the President Martelly in Montreal performance is growing.

Prominent members of the Haitian community in Canada sent a letter to mayor Valerie Plante to act quickly to stop this immoral mad man from performing in Montreal. Apparently, his filthy mouth is not doing him any favors once again.

Will the Martelly in Montreal performance happen or not?

The comments that the previous Haitian president made is hunting him.  Comments about assaults are decried boisterous and clear by alliances and associations working with women suffered from casualties of sexual viciousness.

The letter cited Martelly’s previous remarks on sexual violence. It reminds the mayor that the actual president of Haiti is a puppet of Michel Martelly. He is from Martelly’s own party.

The current government still has to answer to numerous corruption accusations against it. Further, Martelly is famous for sexist and demeaning remarks against women. He made many of these remarks while in office from May 2011 to February 2016.

The groups urged the mayor to do everything in her power to stop the President Martelly in Montreal performance from happening.

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