Jbeatz released his 5th album

Jbeatz released 5th album

While waiting for the first sales-signing sessions, the singer JBeatz released his 5th album this week his fifth album called “The new beginning”.

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This release follows the sudden death of the singer’s wife last year. Jbeats turned to his studio to find solace. It is a way for him to better mourn his young wife that passed too soon a couple months ago.

This latest album has 11 tracks. We will see a reconnection with big names artists on this album. The artist intends to reconnect with success and start to retain his fans. Wendyyy and Master Brain are two of the artists that will rejoin Jbeats on this one.

J Beatz said he is satisfied with the first reports of his supporters in Florida, announces work on a launching and promotion agenda for Haiti at the end of March.

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