Kai vs Vaybz, Michael Guirand vs Richard Cave

Copy it is all the times

That is Richard Cave’s answer to this new episode of Kai vs Vaybz where Michael Guirand  claimed that KAI is a copycat. “Eske gen fanatic Carimi nan aone la?” Michael Guirand uttered in an event recently. “I used to sing all these songs, it does not sound the same, if I am not singing it?”

What was that all about? It is no secret that Michael Guirand was the lead singer of Carimi. Carimi was a Haitian music band that started in 2001 and made famous for over 15 years. Just like in politics, The 3 member of the band decided to go sol in 2016. Hence, we now have a Kai vs Vaybz feud.
Kai vs Vaybz- Kai vs Vaybz, Michael Guirand vs Richard Cave

As a matter of fact, Richard Cave went on to form KAI. Michael Guirand on the other hand, started VAYBZ not too long after. We know not which path Carlo Vieux took. As Roberto so eloquently put it, the 3 dismantled a big store to form 3 small shops.

For one thing, he was the front man of Carimi from 2001 to 2016. Similarly, Richard Cave was the spine of the band during these years. This is how Haitian bands do it. There is always a front man and a master brain in all popular bands.

In any case, for Michael to make such a claim is beneath comprehensible. What pushed him to make these stupid claims? On this round of battle of word between Kai vs Vaybz. It seems like Richard Cave has the upper hand.

Kai vs Vaybz- Kai vs Vaybz, Michael Guirand vs Richard Cave

I totally agree with Richard’s response to the blow below the belt by Michael. “Michael used to sing all the songs, Richard Cave wrote all of them”. This attack was uncalled for. There is no need to start a beef over something that everyone knew already.

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