Haitian music Beethovs Obas asking for justice

Beethovas Obas asking for justice means a lot.  If the situation in Haiti reaches the ears of Beethova Obas, it is cerainly the time to act.

Haitian music artist Beethova Obas turned into a self-trained artist, learning the guitar and accordion by himself. His first melodic participation was a tune with Manno Charlemagne(“Nwel Anme” (Bitter Christmas)). Manno is another Haitian music artist. He was an innovator in Haitian kompa music. In the year of 1988, he was the winner of a Découverte RFI prize. The award was for the Best Young Singer, when Manu Dibango, President of the Jury observed his singing ability and capacity.

In 1991, Paulo Rosine, a piano player from Martinique welcomed Obas to sing on Malavoi’s collection Matébis. This was in the wake of finding his voice amid a voyage through the band in Haiti. After, Beethova Obas visited the Caribbean and France increasing more extensive introduction and recognition.

More accomplishments

Beethova Obas’ most loved craftsmen to work with have been Jocelyne Béroard, Ralph Thamar and Manno Charlemagne. Granted that, every one of whom he credits for paving the way for his success.

In light of what has been going on in Haiti for the past few years, Beethova, a pioneer in Haitian music sent this open letter (English translation) to the governing body of Haiti. Beethova Obas asking justice in the following letter to the leaders of Haiti.


For the past few days I have been suffering insomnia

I am relentlessly descent into the underworld of my country adrift, caused by manipulators and lack of leaders.

 I suffer to see how my people, like me, are helpless in the face of injustice.

Our nation has become a group of sheep delivered to the mercy of hungry wolves.

I suffer in the soul because the shepherds bring the wolves into the sheepfold with impunity.

I suffer as an author, sorry that my pen is not a magic wand and that it cannot, with a gesture, change the future of my nation. However, I remain optimistic because, if every patriotic citizen, honest and capable position themselves around the table to form a single block, we will manage to turn the tide and finally achieve what today seems impossible.

And you, current leaders of my country, are you able?

Will you agree not to use the state apparatus to protect the guilty?

Will you agree to deliver the accomplices to justice?

Real justice?

All life in this world must face death, inevitable encounter…

In Haiti, living and standing is an obstacle course. We need a spine and that requires a sense of honesty and dignity.

 Give justice to my people! They have spilled enough into misery, they will stay there alas! Still a long time. So, grace, do not take away their dignities, it’s all that remains and others covet.

 Beethova OBAS

Ambassador of peace

February 22, 2019

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