Port Au Prince cancellation of Carnival 2019

Following the days of crisis that caused the paralysis of all activities in both Port-au-Prince and several provincial towns. Port Au prince cancelled the event. The Port-au-Prince Municipal Administration decided to cancel the pre-carnival festivities. and carnivalesques to take place on February 24 and March 3,4 and 5.

Indeed, in order to offer a show up to the expectations and the image of the actors and especially in the concern of being able to guarantee the absolute safety of the carnivals, the Organizing Committee of the Carnival of Port-au-Prince, after long hours of consultation, found it impossible to plan a quality carnival parade in the short time leading up to the three fat days.

In these particularly difficult times that the Haitian nation goes through, the Administration Communale of Port-au-Prince reiterates the message chosen to animate Carnival 2019: Respekte Lavi. It offers its support to the National Police of Haiti, which works tirelessly to restore a climate of security on the national territory and renews its dedication to the service of all Port-au-Princiens.

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