Martelly Cayes Carnival, Woch voye

The people of Aux Cayes threw rocks at Haitian Presdident Martelly’s float in the south. Martelly Cayes Carnival  did not go as he planned on the first day.

A strong security escort surrounded the float. The securities composed mostly of agents of the Haitian Presidential Guard. The ex-president of Haiti Michel Martelly participated in the Carnival of Les Cayes. The eternal disgraceful mayor Gabriel Fortuné of Cayes invited him.

He commenced the first day-fat to do what he knows best for many years: make the carnival vibrate from the top of his musical chariot. Unlike his previous show, we did hear him dropping his pants in Cayes. Perhaps, he was too busy hiding from the rocks they threw at him.

Martelly does not care about Haiti

All this while the country of Haiti, the poorest in the western hemisphere if not the world is under a state of economic emergency decreed by the PHTK regime, Martelly’s own political party.

The disgrace Mayor of Les Cayes invited former President Tèt Kale, Michel Martelly, to participate in the 2019 Carnival of the Southern part of the country despite many pleas from several distinguished personalities in the country.

Most major cities cancelled the event. The government cancelled the event nationally. Martelly does not care about the situation the country is in. The country is worse than before his buddy Jovnel took office.  The people of les Cayes threw so many rocks at Martelly. The police had to come to restore order.

For the moment, no arrests have been reported, neither have any victims been identified. However, the Sweet Micky float continued its course by humming tunes well known singer known for his saucy remarks. 

The southern Senator, Jean-Mary Salomon, who had warned against the presence of Sweet Micky on the course, was thrilled to see the people of Cayes’ reaction to Sweet Mickey’s occurrence yesterday.

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