Actor Jimmy Jean Louis wants to help the disadvantaged.

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Jimmy Jean-Louis wants to aid disadvantaged young people in Haiti.

Haitian Movies actor Jimmy Jean-Louis, a Franco-Haitian actor, was in Jamaica for the first release of the movie ” Bahamian Cargo ”. The event took place on on January 23, 2019, in Kingston.

He played the role of a Haitian living illegally in the Bahamas, seeking to smuggle into Florida by fishing boats.  A portion of the film’s income to help disadvantaged young people in Haiti.

Fleeing Haiti

The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that there are between 75,000 and 125,000 illegal Haitian immigrants in the United States. Despite this large number, many still seek to brave the waves of the sea  to Florida.

Jimmy Jean-Louis, who has been in the cinema business for 20 years, highlights this atrocious. The reality of the first black republic in the world.  The actor on NBC’s “Toussaint Louverture” and “Hero” says that “the fact that Haitians want to leave Haiti in search of a better life is totally unacceptable “.  Jimmy Jean Louis is a Franco Haitian actor. Where is Haiti? 

Worse to be a Haitian in Hollywood

Like the sad life of many immigrants in the United States. The actor confides that in the United States, being black is above all a bad thing in the cinematographic world. In addition, being Haitian is even worse.

Passionate about Haiti, Jean-Louis announces that part of the proceeds of the film will be distributed to “Hollywood Unites for Haiti”. HUF is a non-profit organization he founded to promote the sport and cultural activities of disadvantaged youth in Haiti.

He did try to help the industry

Next to “Hollywood Unites for Haiti”, the actor of the movie the president has AIDS is trying to develop the film industry in Haiti. “At the moment, the Haitian film industry is terrible,” he said. “I went back to Haiti in 2005 and 2006.

I made some movies there because the film industry was starting to take off, but the piracy and the country’s situation just made everything impossible “.

Nevertheless, Jean-Louis thinks that his nation will be reborn from his ashes. In the meantime, he advises Caribbean natives who dream of becoming actors to love their choice. “Make sure you like what you do and love as much as you can,” the actor concluded.

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