Haitian Artists demand carnival against all odds

Artists demand carnival against all odds

Some Haitian artists gathered on Thursday, February 28, 2019 to demand that the government carry out the carnival this year. The March 3, 4 and 5 event got cancelled. The Haitian artists said they have been ready for several weeks for the Haitian carnival parades.

There were representatives from different groups. Boukman Eksperyans, Rockfam, Brothers Posse, Zikòs, Kanpèch, Rèv, Mass Konpa, rara bands to name a few. They met the press to fix their position on the cancellation of Carnival 2019. The artists present said they were ready. In one voice, they asked the authorities to assume their responsibilities for the holding of this national event which was cancelled.

Carnival, an economic activity

Théodore Beaubrun Junior, aka Lolo of Boukman Eksperyans, said  the carnival is a tradition in Haitian culture. It is a moment of pleasure, and an anti-stress. The carnival allows the population to get rid of the frustrations of society. Therefore, the event is especially an opportunity for different sectors of national life to earn some money. “We, the artists on this table today. We are demanding the carnival and we are all ready for carnival parades,” he said.

It is not Mimerose P. Beaubrun “Manzè” of Boukman Eksperyans who will say the opposite. “It’s a season, a period in the calendar. Nobody has the right to serve as an obstacle to the realization of this tradition which is a therapy for the population. It’s also a time for us artists, musicians and the public to take advantage of these activities to benefit from economic spin-offs, “she said, noting that whatever the conditions, they will be on the streets during the three fat days.

For his part, the singer of the group Kanpèch, Frédéric Pierre-Louis, better known under the name of Fredo, in the meantime recalled that the artists have dedicated their lives to defend the country, the Haitian culture through their songs, their meringues.

They demand accounts

These artists threaten to demand accountability for carnival funds if the state prevents its realization. They took the opportunity to denounce the decision of the mayor of Port-au-Prince. The mayor opted to cancel the carnival without consulting the artists in spite of, the sound and lighting companies are ready, according to some representatives .

However, the artists announced that they will meet with the Minister of Culture and Communication, Jean-Michel Lapin, to plan the organization of the carnival. In addition, they make an appointment to the press on Saturday, March 2, 2019, to communicate the list of groups that will participate in carnival parade in Port-au-Prince and in provincial cities during the three fat days.

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