Haitian Carnival is cancelled this year

No Haitians Carnival this year

After the capital of Haiti Port Au Prince, The Haitian government has finally decided to cancel the organization of Haitian Carnival this year that were to be held on the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th of March in the Gonaives, the city of independence.

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The decision to cancel the Haitian Carnival this year, follows the ones of Petion-Ville, PAP and other big cities in Haiti.

For sure it was cancelled for the fear of being able to insure the safety of the participants during this time of the year. The Haitian government, as unusual as it sounds, made a the right decision to cancel the celebrations.

Haiti is facing dire circumstances because of poor decisions made by its governments in recent years. Holding this popular event in 2019 would be seen as an unconcerned act for some. the Haitian economy is in a horrible condition to say the least.

Many will disagree to cancel the Haitian Carinval, but it is the right decision. For once, one can give a round of applause for a decision made by elected leaders of this poorest country in the hemisphere to some. It would have been very difficult to plan for the festivals this year.

The theme of this year’s Carnival was Respekte Lavi which means respect for life. Are lives being respected in Haiti? To many, it does not appear so. Security is not established in the country yet for Carnivals to be held.
With a ratio of about 1 law enforcement to 1000 Haitians. The Haitian police would have its hands full during the vents.

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