Pranplezi Mother’s day contest

COVID19 brought lots of tears to lots of moms and offspring. Many of us saw our moms for the last time in 2020. This year, Mother’s Day will mean more to some than any other in recent history.

We at pranplezi want to do some creative things for moms this year. We would like to engage you in making 2021 Mother’s Day a very special one for some moms and their children.

With so many moms in our community, it is not possible for us to select a mom or 2 moms to make them feel special that day.

We are thinking of doing a contest which will ask you to show us what makes your mommy the best mom in the whole world.
pranplezi mother's day
We have not decided yet, but these are the ideas we have gathered so far:

1: Have a son or a daughter draws or paints a picture of their mom.

2: We choose a valorize mother for most of us and have contestants draw or paint that person

3: We ask contestants to talk about the adversities they faced raising their kids.

4: Have each sponsor award a prize to a mom based on certain standards.

What is your idea of a contest to make that day special?

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