Get pregant, how old is too old? ki laj ki trop pou ansnet?

Is it too old to get pregnant?

Technically, females can get pregnant as well as bear kids from the age of puberty when they begin getting their menstruation period until they reach menopause. That is, at the age of 11 up till their late 40s.

Your fertility naturally decreases as you age. The older you are, the harder it is for you to get pregnant. Also, the likelihood of complications increases greatly as you get older.

Professionals claim the very best time to get pregnant is in between your mid-20s to early 30s. This is the right age for you to consider in order to achieve your pregnant dream. I have heard that the perfect age is when you reach your mid-20s. as well as very early 30s. This age variety is related to the most effective results for both you and also your baby. Overall, age not the only factor in deciding.

Does age really matter?

When a Girl is born, she has all the eggs that are necessary to give birth. As you age, your eggs number decreases. Hence, your chance of being pregnant at a later age diminishes also.

When you reach your late 30s, the number of eggs you have remain drops from over 2 million to the thousands. Also, the quality of your eggs diminishes. That’s another factor against.

By the time your reach your 50s, your eggs count is in the 3 digits range. At that age, complication is also a factor. Your fertility rate starts to weakening when you reach your low 30s.

Studies after studies have shown that getting pregnant after your mid 30s comes with risks such as diabetes,high blood pressure,miscarriage,low birth rate, etc…

So, ki laj nou panse ki tro gran pouf e pitit ? Nou we moun bo lakay fe pitit a nenpot laj, anpil fwa konn gen konplikasyon a koz de laj fi an fe pitit la.

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