Another info/update/questions/answers session.

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Another info/update/questions/answers session. was created by eztek

Hi, it has been a while since we had a QA session. Well, here is one.

Anything you want to throw out there. Regarding your fav site PP of course…

First, let us get some Qs out of the way.
As it is now, it is not possible to block guests entirely. We tried numerous times already but all the attempts failed because of the way mobile users access the chat. We are still looking for ways around that.
Because we do not have access to private chat contents, we can no longer act upon any complaints regarding private messages. Sak fet nan carimi ret nan carimi. We have made it now in such a way that you are no longer receiving private messages automatically from other users. If you accept a message from a guest or anyone else, that is on you.

We understand that people come to the chat for different purposes. What may be fun for others may not be fun for you. We are not going to ban or kick users unnecessarily because of the way he or she is chatting. We will however act if someone is disturbing the whole chat. We are all big kids here, use the damn ignore button to block someone who is engaged in a conversation that is tasteless to you.

The site is as close to any Social networking site, as you will get. We need contents and participations from our loyal members. We are looking at a gift system; bring back credits to cash and a more user-friendly forum to help.

To our VIP chatters. In order to encourage others to participate, we are doing away with the so call, alye sure. We will try to change the VIP system in such a way that it can only be earned through participations or other ways to earn it. We still have love for you though.
Please share your questions, concerns here. You may send a PM message to me or an admin also if you do not want to share your concerns, questions publicly.

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