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Nou lague wi

Post by pranplezi » Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:46 pm

We want to thank those who addressed their concerns regarding the prolonged inactivity of the main page and the forum that caused some frustrations due to the inability to post anything. We have worked tirelessly and tackled most of these issues and added some new features to make the site more appealing. Your patience during this long process was valued.

Please be advised that we are looking to replace the current chat we are using. We have been using a non-supported version for over two years and decided to move away from it. Further, the major browsers announced plan to stop supporting adobe flash which 123flashchat depends on in order to run efficiently. You can read about it here

We disabled the flash-version of the chat and now using the html version until we find a lasting solution. By doing that, we lose some bells and whistles of the flash-version. For one, the html version is not as fluorescent as the old version, but most of the features remain the same.

Please use the forum, the chat or email us at to continue to raise your concerns.

Anpil remesye a moun ki te adrese enkyetid yo konsenan inaktivite a pwolonje nan paj prensipal la ak fowom nan ki te lakoz kek fristrasyon paske yo pat ka poste anyen. Main anpil, chay pa si telman lou. Pi fo nan pwoblem sa yo rezoud e nou ajoute kek ti bagay ki pou fe sit nou an pi bel toujou. nou vreman te apresye

Tanpri itilize fowom nan, chat la oswa imel nou nan pou kontinye blayi ide

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